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Request for IT Assistance

Please use this form to submit requests for IT type assistance with the AlphaMCS System.

Please retain screen shots as they may be requested via email to help resolve a problem you have encountered.

If you received the error message of "Invalid User" when logging in, please copy/paste this link to try again prior to submitting a request for assistance.

*Please provide the following information as appropriate to the issue you are reporting:

You can copy and paste any section below into your email to help supply the data.

Password Reset / Account Locked:  Please make sure you put the email account that is used to log into the system.  If any other error message is received, please indicate that below.

New Account Inquiry Please make sure you put the email account that was submitted in the registration form.  Please include the DATE the registration was completed.  
          All new provider staff accounts with MeckLINK must complete the registration form located on this web page:

Deactivate User Account:  This should only be submitted by the QA/QI Manager or the person authorized to report these situations.

SAR Issue:  SAR#    PatientID# (no names)     Benefit Plan   Service Code   Dates of service     Site for Service

Claim / Billing Issue:  ClaimID#  Claim Header#  Dates of Service  Method for Submitting claim:  837/UB04/CMS1500